I den forgangne uge har der været et interview med Slavoj Žižek i New Statesman.

Anledningen er en ny dokumentarfilm om ham lavet af Sophie Fiennes. Vanen tro er interviewet fyldt med citategnede one-liners. Blandt andet røber den slovenske filosof at han ikke har set den nye film om sig selv – for han kan ikke fordrage at se sig selv på film! Og så synes han egentlig at 99 procent af alle mennesker er idioter.

Yeah, but who are the idiots? I didn’t mean so-called poor, uneducated, ordinary people. If anything, most of the idiots that I know are academics. That’s why I don’t have any interest in communicating too much with academics.

Hvad synes Žižek så om The Clash?

I like their activity … they were engaged [politically]. So I like everything about them … except their music.

Til gengæld er han ret begejstret for Rammstein.

They’re very hard – I think they’re extremely progressive. It’s totally wrong to read them as almost a proto-fascist band. My god, they explicitly supported Die Linke, the leftists there, and so on. I like their extremely subversive from within, undermining of all this – you know? Like, it gives me pleasure. Psychologically I’m a fascist – everyone knows it, no? Who published this – Daily Telegraph? That jerk who pronounced me a leftist fascist, you know? Alan Johnson or who? So – I mean – I think we should take over these – all of these – authoritarian gestures, unity, leader, sacrifice, f*ck it! Why not? No? So, Rammstein are my guys.

Og her er så traileren for The Pervert’s Guide to Ideology: